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MIT Pine Double-side Board-type Kalimba / Thumb Piano NT$2,800 NT$1,350
MIT Cheering of Blossom Double-side Box-type Kalimba / Thumb Piano (with silver white keys & bag) NT$3,800 NT$2,550

MIT Taiwan Cypress Box-type Smiling-style Kalimba / Thumb Piano

NT$3,000 NT$2,850

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MIT Taiwan Cypress Box-type Smiling-style Kalimba / Thumb Piano

Key : 17 (matte white key)

Volume : ●●●●

Material : Taiwan Cypress

Intro : The sound is clear and bright. The wood cover for the sound hole is to maintain the smell of the wood.

Accessories : Fundamental, Stickers, Tuning hammer, Soft case

Price : NT$2850

MIT Taiwan Cypress Box-type Kalimba  / Thumb Piano

Kalimba is a word from a language called Bantu, and the meaning of “little instrument”. It originated in Africa, also known as the iron piano. Then there was a musical instrument scholar – Hugh. Tracey – has been meticulously improved, make it become the current Kalimba, also known as the thumb piano. Kalimba is a small instrument that is easy to learn, suitable for all ages, and easy to carry around.

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