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MIT Burma Teak Board-type Kalimba/Thumb Piano with Golden Keys NT$2,925 NT$1,950
卡林巴琴高階鍍鈦鋼片套組 海軍藍 台灣製 拇指琴
【NEW ARRIVAL】MIT High-class PVD Navy Blue Keys Set for Kalimba / Thumb Piano NT$3,600 NT$1,800

【NEW ARRIVAL】MIT High-class PVD Jet Black Keys Set for Kalimba / Thumb Piano

  • Enhance corrosion resistance – will not rust
  • Enhance hardness – will not fade
  • Improve the smoothness and wear resistance of the surface
  • Keys for professional players.
  • Non-toxic and non-polluting

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NT$3,600 NT$1,800

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MIT High-level PVD Kalimba Keys (under normal use):

  1. The sound is clear, bright, and has great sustain.
  2. Enhance corrosion resistance – will not rust
  3. Enhance hardness – will not fade
  4. Titanium plating – resist elastic fatigue
  5. Improve the smoothness and wear resistance of the surface
  6. Improve the effort of decoration
  7. Non-toxic and non-polluting
  8. Keys for professional players. Looks simple but imply luxurious


Explanation of changing Kalimba keys: 


1. In order to not to fail and damage the keys, please make sure you can change the keys by yourself.

2. The product do go through QC before leaving factory. Please check again when you buy it. If there is any defect, please replace it with dealer. We are not able to change a new set of keys if you already use it.

3. The keys of kalimba is consumable. Use the maintenance oil correctly and keep it dry in an appropriate temperature, can make the sound of the keys stay in a best condition.

4. The kind of keys which used is directly related to the structure of the kalimba’s body. (the instructions are for reference only, actual sound effect is based on the condition of kalimba. )

5. The kalimba needs to tune and adjust the keys’ curve, then let it stand for at least 3 days to observe after replacing the keys.

6.The hardness of nuts (hard,medium-hard, slightly-hard) is directly related to the kalimba keys. Using different nuts will cause different tone. 

There are natural and beautiful chromatic aberrations at the corner point of keys and vibrating bar. The titanium-plated sound post make the tone become brighter. There is a tiny trace of clamp at the end of the sound post. It won’t cause any affect to the tone of the kalimba.


Things in the Key Set:

  • Kalimba keys *17, Vibrating bar *1, Sound post *1, Screw *5, Musical alphabet sticker *1

Tools for changing Kalimba keys (for reference):

  • Screwdriver, Hammer, Nippers(Needle-nose pliers), Tuning hammer, one piece of steel to assist(can use the old key)


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